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The UserGroup Interviews PlusNet

The PlusNet UserGroup often get to meet with, and quiz, various members of PlusNet staff - so we thought we'd try to catch some of these sessions in video and share them with you all.

The videos are no Scorcese masterpieces and may feature building work noise due to the construction work taking place, but we hope they provide answer to questions and a deeper insight into the minds and workings of PlusNet.

We would like to offer our thanks to everyone who took part in the videos, either in front of or behind the camera and hope that you enjoy them and find them informative.

Mike Trevor - CSC Agent (January 2007)
Recorded before the BT takeover was confirmed we sat down and spoke to Mike Trevor, a CSC agent, about the 2006 troubles and hopes for the new days and years ahead.

Click Here for the Mike Trevor Interview
(8MB .wmv file - click image to download)

Carol Axe - Head of CSC (January 2007)
With the talk of a BT takeover, the recovery from a turbulent year, and trying to build a better CSC - we caught up with Carol Axe, the head of the CSC, to talk about all of the issues and try to gain an understanding of what happened, why and how things have improved, and will get better still.

Click here to download video
(33MB .wmv file - click image to download)

Simon Day - Networks Team (January 2007)
Email, Ellacoyas, Resiliency and more - Simon is the guy who knows what's what and can provides a good insight into the problems and solutions for the PlusNet infrastructure. Simon got very involved with the UserGroup email campaign and is a regular visitor to our forums providing technical detail and background info.

Click here to watch the video.
(60MB .wmv file - click image to download)

Ian Wild and James Bailey - PlusNet Product Development and Comms Team (January 2007)
Well known names in the PlusNet and MetroNet forums, as well as the wider broadband community, we managed to get them together to discuss the future and how they see things developing along with a discussion about the MetroNet integration and the future for the brand.

Click here to watch video
(63MB .wmv file - click image to download)

Al Wyse - Technical Director (October 2006)
Our first video Interview was at a time when the BT offer had just been made and network and email issues were very much at the front of our minds. Al Wyse was Technical Director at the time and spent 30 minutes chatting to us about all these and more.

Click here to watch the video
(69MB .wmv file - click image to download)

The Legal Bit....

These videos are (c) The PlusNet UserGroup 2006/2007 and may not be copied, reproduced or edited without the express permission of the PlusNet Usergroup.

The views expressed in these videos are the opinions of the individuals involved and do not represent any official views of either the PlusNet UserGroup or PlusNet plc.

Should you wish to link to the videos please link to this page and not the videos or the individual pages.

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