General Support FAQs

Please feel free to ask a question in the Community Forums  or the PlusNet UserGroup Forums , where members of the UserGroup, staff and helpful users will try and assist you. However, some questions occur again and again so here are some of the more common ones.

Although Plusnet staff and many of their helpful members frequent the forums, formal answers about your account may only be obtained through the official help system on the portal. Please note: The UserGroup do NOT have access to any user information or support requests raised using the help system.

Please do not abuse the forums to bypass the normal ticketing system by requesting staff to look a particular ticket number unless you feel there has been an extra-ordinary delay or a mistake in the reply.

If you require an immediate response try phoning Plusnet Support on 0800 4320200 where CS Staff are available 24/7 to help you. All calls are answered in strict order, and you can see waiting times here .

If you are dissatisfied with initial response on a ticket you should "action" the ticket explaining why the answer given was not satisfactory. If you are still unhappy the PlusNet Code of Practice has a section on Complaint Resolution which explains how you may escalate your complaint.

New Accounts.

I am unsure which package to go for.
Only you can decide that based on your own individual circumstances.
You may find the product page on this site a bit more helpful to be able to compare products side by side. (Home products only)

How much bandwidth will I use?
Obviously everyone’s requirements will differ, and your own requirements may vary from month to month.
The average Plusnet user is said to consume 6GB pcm, although you may use much more or less than this.

You could also download either Netmeter or DUMeter to monitor your usage for a month.

If you really are unsure how much bandwidth you will use, you may be best signing up for one of the premier packages, until you can gauge your individual circumstances better.

Once you are with Plusnet you can monitor your daily bandwidth from the portal.

Do both upload and downloads count towards my usage limit?
Yes both up and down traffic is included in your monthly usage.
There may also be some other activities such as port scanning which may very slightly increase your usage.

What If I select a capped product and later need more bandwidth?
You can change your usage limit once per monthly period for free.
Therefore you can say easily “upgrade” to a product with a higher cap if you foresee that your usage will increase.

How long will it take for me to get connected?
Normally 7 days, although in most cases it is much sooner than this.
You will be able to track your order via the Plusnet ADSL tracker .

General Services

Which DNS Server addresses should I use?
There are currently 4 caching servers and you can use any of these:,, and

Is there a bandwidth limit on my webspace?
The limit is 250MB per day… that’s appox 7.5GB pm

Do I get a static IP address?
New customers on the Plusnet Value and Pro products get a Dynamic IP Address by default.  The Plusnet Pro product has an option to select a static IP in the user control panel.

Can I have 4/8/16 IP addresses?
You can request a block of 4 either when you place your order, or at any other time, by raising a ticket.
Blocks of 8 and 16 will be considered upon justification that IP addressing can’t be done via other means such as NAT. You will also be required to fill in a RIPE form.

What is the retention/completion for newsgroups?
About 90 days for text. (Binary newsgroups are not supported)
Completion is somewhere in the region of 90 – 95%
Plusnet supports up to 32 connections (8 per reader server).



How do I go about migrating in to Plusnet?
You will have to contact your existing ISP and ask for a MAC key.
Remember you may be required to fulfill any remaining contract period with your existing ISP or give relevant notice to them.
Then simply sign up via the Plusnet website inserting your MAC key in the relevant place.

How long will it take?
Normally 7 - 10 days from placing your order with Plusnet.

Will this involve any downtime?
Migration on average has downtime of around half an hour, although it can vary either way.
Most migrations seem to occur in the early hours so disruption should be minimal.

Will I need to do anything?

Once your migration has been completed, you should change your log-in details to the Plusnet ones.
It may take about ½ an hour for the automated system to authenticate your account.
Also don’t forget to change your e-mail client settings to (POP3) and (SMTP)

I am currently on a fixed rate product but I want to migrate to ADSL max (up top 8 Mbps).
You can only migrate on a like for like product eg 512 IPStream Home ---> 512 IPStream Home.

If this is the case how would I then get an up to 8Mbps product?
Once your migration has been successful, you can immediately apply for an upgrade via the portal.

I am currently on a DataStream Product, can I migrate?
If your current provider will supply you with a MAC code then you should be able to migrate across to Plusnet. If not then unfortunately you will have to do a cease and re-provide.

Article last edited on Monday, 01-Aug-2011 20:56 PM