User Support

Although the Usergroup will try to assist people in any way we can, we are not able to offer solutions to "my ADSL isn't working" type queries.

We do offer some FAQs and tutorials to try and help out. FAQ's available from the menu on the left and Tutorials from the UserTools site linked above. We are always willing to add more to the site if you feel you have something that can be offered.

To obtain support from Plusnet you should first of all try logging a customer support question using the Plusnet help system, however - this isn't always possible and you may need to phone.

So - to speak to a nice friendly member of the CSC please call :

0800 432 0200

Business customers continue to use the existing number:

Plusnet Business      0114 2965182     

As well as the Ticketing system and the customer support phone lines you can also raise queries and get community support on the Plusnet Community Forums

Article last edited on Monday, 01-Aug-2011 20:51 PM