This folder contains content which, whilst correct at the time posted, may have been superseded by newer tariffs or changes to terms and conditions.

The information has been archived to enable customers on legacy tariffs to refer back to it, but note that it will not be updated, so may not be a full representation of the current status of the tariffs referred to.

The PlusNet Sustainable Usage Policy

Please NOTE:  These details are for the older PAYG, Premium and Plus products only.  Details retained for comparison.

Plusnet announced details of Fair Usage in their "Vision for 2006". Since this is rather a long document we have tried to summarise the important bits on how it affects the User with regard to traffic Shaping. Most of these changes affect the way in which the Premier account is shaped so this page mostly concentrates on the Premier Product. The news that most users will welcome is that they are allowed a certain amount of p2p/usenet/FTP downloads during peak that are classed in the gold traffic band.

Traffic Prioritisation is applied to the Network as a whole, and different accounts are shaped to a greater or lesser extent as follows:-

• PAYG accounts receive no shaping as these users purchase each GB that they use.
• Broadband Plus users should see no shaping on any protocols except p2p, usenet and FTP which are heavily restricted.
• Premier users should see no shaping on any of their traffic until they reach Stage 1 of their "download allowances" see below.

Peak Time.

It is during the hours of 4pm to midnight that the network comes under the most strain, and these are the hours that the SUP revolves around.

Plusnet have a peak time for p2p/usenet/ftp downloads which matches this (i.e. the hours between 4pm to midnight.)

Off Peak

Outside of these hours (ie midnight till 8am) p2p/usenet/ftp downloads do not count towards the Premier Peak Time Allowances, and Premier users should see little, if any, shaping on any of their traffic.
Broadband Plus users should also get better p2p download speeds during these hours.

Peak Time Allowances.

To ensure a fairer system and ensure that all users at least get "a fair share" of prioritised download traffic, Plusnet have implemented a system to ensure that every Premier account user has the opportunity to download a certain amount of p2p/usenet/FTP at peak time that is not subject to harsh speed restrictions.

These rules and limits on first glance may seem rather complicated so I have compiled a table which at a glance shows allowances for the certain types of traffic in each of the traffic bands. It's important to remember that these restrictions only apply during peaktime hours and usage outside of peak does not count towards these limits.

Type Peak Time Speed* Traffic Type
Premier Peak Time Allowances for
p2p, FTP, and Usenet.
Platinum Line Speed Not currently in use.  
Titanium Line Speed Time Critical Applications:-
VoIP, Gaming.
Gold Line Speed Web and Mail Applications:-
HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, VPN, FTP, SSH, Instant Messaging, IRC, other TCP/UDP/other traffic. Text only news from PN's server and external text usenet servers. FTP to personal webspace.
Premier Stage 1 p2p Peak Downloads. PAYG p2p downloads.
Premier Peak Stage 1
20 GB
30 GB
40 GB
Silver Up to 500 kbps Premier Stage 2 p2p Peak Downloads.
Premier Peak Stage 2
Bronze Up to 250 kbps

Premier Stage 3 p2p Peak Downloads.
BB+ p2p Peak Downloads.

Premier Peak Stage 3
*Off peak speeds will be higher than this

Broadband Plus Accounts

The official release states "Broadband Plus is not designed for heavy downloading. More than 95% of Broadband Plus customers use less than 10GB per month so the vast majority of customers will see an improvement in download speeds for outside of peak 8am-midnight hours and light and moderate customers will also speed improvements. Heavier users will see downloading in peak times get progressively slower as they download more and more."

PUG has tried asking for clarification on this matter and how it will actually impact the user, but as yet we are unable to ascertain exactly how this improvement will be seen. As it currently stands our main concern for BB+ users is that FTP has been moved into the Bronze category. The FTP protocol does have some valid uses and may be used by certain companies to provide updated drivers. As such we are hoping that Plusnet will be able to review what we consider an unfair approach.

*It should be noted that I may occasionally refer to p2p downloads, but the traffic in this band includes FTP to non PN personal webspace, binary newsgroups (usenet), as well as p2p traffic.


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