Product Comparison

The headline factors for choosing a broadband product are price and included bandwidth. However with the ever-increasing use of video streaming services providers need to manage this bandwidth to ensure Internet usage remains viable for all users. Plusnet use download speed restriction on non-interactive protocols as well as traffic-shaping to balance types of usage and speeds. However speed restrictions are not applied to 'Unlimited' and 'Pro' designated or business products.

To help you select the Plusnet broadband package that best fits your usage pattern, we have provided the tables below. Using this Comparison Tool should be self explanatory and the colours will help you get a quick overview of the Product performance. Numerical values represent expected speeds in kbps, or Mbps (1024kbps) with the suffix M. Blue and Green shading mean 'line speed'.

Prices given here for residential use include VAT and are for broadband-only products with a 12-month ADSL or 18-month fibre contract. Prices for business use exclude VAT and are based on a 24-month contract. For current products, a discount on broadband pricing is available if the user takes a Plusnet phone service (indicated by ☎). Please refer to the Plusnet website for details of such package discounts and for pricing with other contract options.

Titanium Gold Silver Bronze Medium high Moderate Medium low Low Very low Extremely low
Line speed Speed

Market 1:
Peak Time Market 3:
Usage: -
From 00010708091011121314151617181920212223
To 01070809101112131415161718192021222300
VoIPVoice over IP - telephony using broadband
GamingGaming - specifically identified prioritised online games
YouTubeYouTube - Online video
StreamingStreaming - Playing real-time multimedia
VPNVPN - Secure cross-network connections
P2PP2P - Using file-sharing applications
UsenetUsenet - Binary newsgroups (text-only services are surfing)
FTPFTP - Moving files to/from non-Plusnet servers
SitesDownload Sites and Servers - generally multimedia content servers
ServersDownload Sites and Servers - generally multimedia content servers
OtherSources not otherwise categorised
Market 1:
Peak Time Market 3:
Usage: -
Comparison data last updated: 04 Dec 2013

Please note that whilst information on legacy tariffs is included in this tool, it will not be updated once the product is withdrawn from sale.

Surfing   Normal web browsing excluding activities below
Email   Sending and receiving emails
VoIP   Telephony using broadband
Gaming   Specifically identified, prioritised online games
YouTube   Online video
Streaming   Playing continuous multimedia TV, movie or music files
VPN   A secure way to connect to a network at another location, often used by home workers to access work systems. Includes VNC and Windows Remote Desktop. Network protocols such as SSH and Telnet also fall under the VPN category.
P2P   Downloading with a file sharing application
Usenet   Downloading files from binary newsgroups (does not include text only services)
FTP   Using FTP to move files to or from servers
Sites   Large file downloads from specific sites and sources
Other   Activities that do not fit into the above categories
Line Speed varies due to a number of factors, but the top speed will depend upon the type of broadband you have.
Fixed speed   Up to 2Mbps
Max DSL or Max Premium   Up to 6Mbps
ADSL2+   Up to 16Mbps
Fibre   Up to 76Mbps
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