Portal Updates - WB 28-06-08

Here are the portal updates from the 29th August to the 3rd September.
WID=Website Improvement of the Day. These are minor, quickie improvements that are small items of work that will hopefully make a big difference.

Please note: These are internal notes that we are reposting. Some of them may contain acronyms that are unfamiliar (and indeed that we may not know either) but hopefully you should still get the idea!

WID #20 - Help & Support - Intermittent Connection Faults
WID #21 - Help & Support - Port Blocking
WID #22 - Help & Support - Code of Practice Update
WID #23 - Help & Support - Unsuccessful Broadband Orders

WID #20 - Help & Support - Intermittent Connection Faults

Source: Customer feedback
Problem: Lots and lots of intermittent faults - creating lots and lots of vexed customers.
Fix: Added a new support article that will give customers a better understanding of what the Broadband Faults Checker is asking them to do.

WID #21 - Help & Support - Port Blocking

Source: Usergroup, Customer Feedback
Problem: Customers don't know which ports are blocked on which accounts, leading to Questions and work for comms in forums.
Fix: Provide a support article that clearly explains our position.

WID #22 - Help & Support - Code of Practice Update

Source: CSC Ideas (James Nelson) - Code of Practice
Problem: Free-Online and Force9 customers contact CISAS and are told that Free-Online/Force9 are not part of the scheme. This is because we are registered as PlusNet plc.
Fix: Add info telling customers to refer to us as PlusNet plc in correspondence with CISAS
http://www.force9.net/support/customer_service/codeofpractice.shtml | http://www.free-online.net/support/customer_service/codeofpractice.shtml

WID #23 - Help & Support - Unsuccessful Broadband Orders

Source:CSC Ideas (Muhit Khan) - Incompatiable products on the line
Problem: Our Unsuccessful Broadband Orders guide didn't give customers any help if they found they had a tag/marker on their line.
Fix: Update the guide, giving customers the correct course of action to help get the tag/marker removed. (We're also be revising the question responses for unsuccessful orders, as part of another project).
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