A revamp of more than just the website...

Article posted on Sunday, 04-Dec-2005 22:14 PM

You may have noticed that the PlusNet UserGroup (PUG to our friends Wink) has got a new look website with some added features and new content.

Well, a new look usergroup is coming - with more determination to work with the users and with PlusNet. With a commitment from PlusNet to work closely with us and with a desire to see the group grow, be more active and more effective.

It's been difficult in the past to see what PUG has been doing, and what it has achieved - which is understandable as we haven't always communicated things well - but we are now implementing a new look and an easier to manage website to allow us to keep everybody more informed an up to date on what we are doing!

More features will be added over coming months but we felt it only right to at least start posting some key news and information that we have obtained over recent days - So watch this space for more news and information!

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