PlusNet DNS Issues affecting New Customers and CCGI/FP Activation

Article posted on Wednesday, 28-Dec-2005 13:06 PM

Since December 23rd, PlusNet have had a serious issue with their DNS involving the creation of new records. As yet, this has not been fixed.

DNS allows humans to remember names such as "" instead of IP addresses such as It translates the more memorable name into an address to allow computers to find each other on the Internet. DNS is also responsible for other functions, such as directing email to the correct location using Mail Exchanger records.

For an in-depth explanation of DNS, take a look at the DNS Wikipedia article

Any DNS records that have been created on PlusNet's DNS servers in the past 5 days have simply not been done. This means that all new account signups are unable to use their email or webspace. This affects all account types, both Dialup and Broadband.

What services are affected?

  • Mail cannot be sent from the account because the mail server doesn't recognise the address.
  • Mail being delivered to the account is being bounced with an "Unrouteable address" error.
  • The user's website is unavailable because the address has not been created in DNS.
  • and DNS records have not been created if users have activated their CGI or FrontPage service within the past 5 days.

The UserGroup has concerns over a number of points surrounding this issue, namely:

  • What went wrong in the first place?
  • Why is it taking so long to fix?
  • Most CS staff still do not appear to be aware that there is a problem.
  • Why has no service status announcement been made and customers not informed

We are concerned that it doesn't appear to be getting top priority within Plusnet. On Christmas Eve, we were told that it should have been fixed, however we have heard nothing more since, and from where we are standing, the situation appears no further forward.

Unfortunately Christmas has probably got in the way of this being attended to more quickly, but it still does not account for what went wrong in the initial instance, so close to Christmas, and why it could not be fixed straight away.

The UserGroup are also concerned (as are other users) that there is no freeze on development work over major holidays such as this and that we see repeated problems at times of the year when email etc are important to a lot of users. We will be raising this with PlusNet in the hope that we can push for a development freeze - certainly over the Christmas Week - to avoid similar problems in the future.

Many thanks to Mr_Chris for writing this article 
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