Update: VMBU and Management Issues

Article posted on Monday, 24-Apr-2006 18:26 PM

PlusNet have today released an announcement via Service Status which details some current issues with the new View My Usage and the Management System. We are reproducing the message here for those users who do not check the service status pages. Should you wish to receive Service Status announcements via Email or RSS you can do so by visiting the UserTools site.

Although a fix for VMBU is mentioned in the announcement (item 2) we are aware that some users are still seeing the old style View My Usage pages and have raised this with PlusNet.

Should you be seeing issues with any of the items discussed, please raise a ticket on the portal or post a message in the UserGroup Forums.

The PlusNet announcement follows.

We would like to provide an update regarding the new management platform and the new VMBU solution. The solution is successfully being rolled out to our customer base and is due to be complete by May 6th 2006.
However, we have identified a number of issues which we are currently addressing. More detail is as follows:-

[1] Last week we identified an issue which caused a delay in the VMBU data being updated. By Thursday the delay had increased to up to 48 hours. We have now resolved this issue and have caught up with the processing of the data. However, we are currently only updating the VMBU graphs within the portal every 4 hours, as opposed to the designed 2 hours. This will be moved back to 2 hourly intervals within the next few days.
No data has been lost during this process.

[2] An internal audit identified some customers that had passed their billing date but had not been migrated to the new VMBU solution. This has now been resolved.

[3] A small number of customers are stating that they are not seeing any usage data within the VMBU section of the portal. This is currently being investigated and we expect to have a solution for this shortly.
We do know that we have not lost any data and that this issue is a reporting problem only.

[4] A number of customers have complained that they are seeing small amounts of usage on protocols that they are not using. eg. a couple of KB on gaming when all they do is email and web traffic. This is correct and highlights background traffic coming from web sites, applications or port scans. This is nothing to be concerned about but it has highlighted that the information we provide on the VMBU page is not clear enough and we expect to have this updated shortly.

[5] Some customers have identified issues with sites using streaming (for example "Google Video") and some external FTP servers. This is currently being investigated and we expect to have a solution to this issue within the next few days.

[6] We have recieved a number of tickets highlighting confusion with the emails being sent out at the different traffic management levels. We will be reviewing these emails and redesigning them to make them less confusing.

We would like to thank customers for their patience and constructive feedback during this time, particularly members of the usergroup and forums, who's assistance has been invaluable with the launch of this project.
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