PlusNet announces wholesale LLU broadband contract with Tiscali

Article posted on Friday, 24-Mar-2006 15:56 PM

Earlier today PlusNet announced that they are going to start using the Tiscali Wholesale LLU system for providing broadband to some customers on Tiscali enabled exchanges.

Although Tiscali retail have a rather worrying reputation it is worth stressing that this is with the wholesale arm (who MetroNet use for some peering) and is a proven, stable product. PlusNet have had trials on this product that have gone very well, with positive feedback from the users who took part.

We have compiled a list of questions and answers which are available on our Tiscali FAQ page

The press release is as follows:

"PlusNet, the UK's best value internet service provider, today announces that, following successful trials, it has reached agreement with Tiscali UK for Tiscali to supply wholesale broadband network services to PlusNet utilising its Local Loop Unbundled (LLU) infrastructure.

Speeds up to 8Mb will be available within Tiscali's LLU service areas using ADSL and speeds of up to 24Mb will be possible in areas where Tiscali is using ADSL2+ technology.
As part of its stated strategy, PlusNet will continue to explore agreements with other alternative network suppliers alongside Tiscali, as well as continuing its existing wholesale relationship with BT. Earlier this month BT confirmed the launch of new higher speed wholesale broadband services across the UK from 31 March 2006 which will maximise the available connection speeds on individual lines up to 8Mb. PlusNet will offer higher speed services nationwide from this date.
PlusNet is committed to minimising its broadband cost of sales by sourcing the best value wholesale offerings from broadband network suppliers and deploying effective network management techniques. This enables it to offer best value broadband services to its customers profitably, further demonstrated by its new 8Mb product range launched last week. PlusNet's pricing for broadband services leads the market, starting from a fixed subscription of £14.99 per month for an 8Mb connection.

Lee Strafford, PlusNet's Chief Executive Officer, says:

'This agreement with Tiscali demonstrates our commitment to using multiple network suppliers who enable us to ensure that we are providing our customers with the fastest broadband speeds available at the most competitive prices.'"

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