Tiscali LLU - PlusNet respond to PUG and Users

Article posted on Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 21:03 PM

Following the announcement, and subsequent action, from PlusNet in moving users to the Tiscali LLU service the PlusNet UserGroup, and many other users, have asked many questions and raised some serious concerns over this.

One key issue, which left many people feeling uneasy, was the matter of forced migration to the Tiscali LLU network and lack of an easy migration route back onto a BT based product.

Over the past week or two the UserGroup has been talking to PlusNet about these issues and there have been a lot of questions asked, and valid objections raised. PlusNet have also been taking note of the comments in forums and newsgroups. As a result of this we are pleased to say that PlusNet are going to be changing their policies on this matter.

Today PlusNet are announcing that they are now going to:
  • Offer an Opt-Out option - so you can state you do NOT wish to be migrated to the Tiscali LLU service.
  • Email all users on potential Tiscali exchanges to make them aware of the opt-out.
  • Cover activation costs incurred by users who have been migrated already and wish to move ISPs on a case by case basis.
We also believe that the latter may be possible with minimal (if any) downtime but there are varying reports as to how successful this process is.

The UserGroup and PlusNet have compiled an FAQ page where we have hopefully addressed any questions you may have. If you have further questions, or wish to discuss this further, then please visit our forums.

This is great news in our view - PlusNet do appear to be listening!
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