PUG Update - Jan 2006

Article posted on Thursday, 26-Jan-2006 08:16 AM

It's been a couple of weeks since the last news article on the site so we thought it'd be good to give you an update on the latest PUG happenings (just so you don't think we've hibernated)

1) Val
Val, one of the founding members of the UserGroup, stepped down from PUG at the weekend.

We'd like to thank her for all the work she did within the group and wish her well! Keep dropping by to say "Hi!" Val

2) New Logo!
As we announced, and no doubt you've noticed we have redesigned the website to make it CSS compliant and a bit nicer to use. We've now also got a new logo!
Hopefully you'll all like the new look, and in true "image-guru" style here's what we feel it says about the group:
"The connection between the P of PlusNet and the U of UserGroup show a close tie between the 2 groups"
"The colours are to remind us, and everyone else, that we are here for the benefit of all customers in the whole PlusNet family - Force9, Free Online, PlusNet and MetroNet."
"The cogs show that we are a part of that family and a part of the mechanism to bring the users the best ISP experience possible"

3) Other bits....
Well, we're working on a new section of the website called "Tough Talking" where we will be collating some of the hard questions that have arisen in the past year and getting PlusNet to give us straight talking answers. Before you laugh and walk off - Ian Wild has promised us that we WILL get the answers to the questions!

We also recently added a new feature to the site called "Desert Island Links" and we'll be adding more to this section as soon as we can!

Thanks for sticking with us... don't forget to join us on the forums where we are keen to get a real community going with you folks talking to us and PlusNet about pretty much everything and anything!

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