PUG Forums - they are Evolving

Article posted on Sunday, 14-May-2006 17:41 PM

UPDATE: The forums are now back on-line. If you notice any bugs or have any questions then please post them, ironically enough, in the forums. (Note: Due to the headaches caused by performing the upgrade - bugfixes may have to wait a day to allow us to recover)

The UserGroup Forums are going through a major overhaul today so may be off-line for fairly long periods.

We are moving away from PHPBB and onto the Simple Machines Forum software which should add some nice new features, and give scope for development and growth as the group grows in the coming months.

Please bear with us through this process - it should be worth it when it's all done.

P.S. Sorry about the title - couldn't resist nicking PlusNets evolving message
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