Network Issues - March 06

Article posted on Tuesday, 07-Mar-2006 18:20 PM

Over the weekend and this morning, PlusNet have been plagued by a number of network issues which have severely disrupted customers' connections, causing many ADSL users to be unable to connect for extended periods of time.

The weekend's routing / DNS issues, disconnections and this morning's authentication problems (which, to be fair, were not entirely attributable to PlusNet, since BT also had some RADIUS issues of their own) has left many customers anxious about the state of PlusNet's network.

We are greatly concerned about the number of issues affecting PlusNet's ADSL network recently, and are pursuing this as a top priority within PUG. The current state of affairs simply isn't good enough from our point of view.

PUG has been in much discussion with PlusNet about these issues, and also about the perceived lack of support over the weekend. We do welcome the announcement that all customers will be emailed on Friday, explaining and apologising for the outages.

We will post a further news article when we have more information about what exactly happened, and what is being done to rectify the lack of resiliency and ensure that it shouldn't happen again.
Article last edited on Monday, 20-Aug-2007 22:42 PM