Metronet Product Refresh - June 2006

Article posted on Monday, 05-Jun-2006 20:15 PM

Metronet have announced some changes to their product range. The old ADSL packages have gone and they have been replaced by MaxDSL with the introduction of up to 8MB available on all home and business accounts. They have announced that their “PAYGo products are suitable for all broadband users and are ideal for surfing, email, music, video and online gaming. From just £11.75 a month” which includes a usage allowance of 419MB. All of the existing account holders will eventually be upgraded to the faster speeds and the included usage limits and price caps will remain unchanged.

As before, the accounts come with an included monthly allowance which is topped up at 0.224p per mb until a monthly fixed price ceiling is reached (5,326MB on Option 1), then  all traffic will be restricted to 128Kbps at peak-times and  P2P, Usenet and FTP traffic will also be blocked at peak times.

Set-up costs will be £58.75, or if customers prefer, they will be able to opt for “deferred activation” in the form of the “you stay - we pay” scheme which could tie in users for up to 5 years although each package is available on a 1 month contract.

Business Broadband SOHO products are being offered a high performance upload speed of up to 832k and no fixed usage limits.

The Metronet Packages continue to be “no-frills” with email, domains and web hosting being offered as optional extras so that customers only pay for those services that they will use. They include static IP addresses, free firewall and web content filtering, free Usenet/NNTP news access, SMTP server access for sending email and a 0845 dial up account. Support will continue to be available on an 0845 lo-call number.

Details of the new packages can be found at

Note: The units used above are based on 1000KB/MB therefore 419MB would be 400MB if based upon 1024KB/MB

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