Gaming Issues

Article posted on Friday, 03-Feb-2006 09:05 AM

Since 2 January a series of issues have plagued the Gaming Community.

Gamers have experienced high pings, lag and an inability to enjoy their online gaming experience. Some users have been removed from servers whilst in game.

The UserGroup have actively monitored this situation and continue to do so.

Plus Net have worked continuously and devoted much time and resources in an effort to get this complicated issue resolved.

Stewart Norriss, Plus Net Comms Team Leader, in a forum post today stated

We have been doing a lot of work recently with the gaming problems and we are aware that this still seems to be an issue. So I would like to ask for 5 users who have seen issues recently and are avid games players to work with our networks team directly and see if we can get this solved once and for all.

If we get more then 5 we will select the list and pass details on with the test plan to those selected.
Stewart Norriss
Comms Team Leader

The UserGroup welcome this statement and would encourage all affected gamers to work with and report their findings to Plus Net.

We would encourage fellow customers to discuss the issue in our own Public Forums

The UserGroup will continue to monitor the situation and work with Plus Net and customers, where possible, to find a successful resolution.

We will provide updates as and when we can. 
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