PUG News Update - 24th February 2006

Article posted on Friday, 24-Feb-2006 09:53 AM

Once again, life has been rather hectic within the Usergroup over the past couple of weeks.

Kitz' Capacity report, along with the PlusNet "How we Buy Capacity" article, have kept us fairly busy as we tried to ensure that all the facts were correct and fair.

We've also been discussing a lot of internal structures and policies to try and streamline the group a bit - more to follow on this in the coming days.

However, as well as all the internal stuff, there are other matters that we thought we'd bring to your attention.

PUG Site & Form: Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy
We have now published proper Terms & Conditions and a Privacy Policy that affects usage of this site.

Links for these can be found at the bottom of every page within the UserGroup site/forums and we would recommend that you view them just so you know what's what.

PlusNet Portal: Forgotten Your Password?
Ask any network administrator what their number 1 user issue is, and it will invariably be "I've forgotten my password"

Well, PlusNet CS is not different - and they've now done something about it. If you can't remember your password - go to the portal login screen, and underneath the login boxes is a nice "Forgotten your password? Get a reminder" link. 3 questions later and your password will wing it's way to your contact email and postmaster email addresses.

PlusNet Services: MySQL Platform Upgrade
A service status message was posted earlier in the week  informing users that the long anticipated move to new, faster MySQL servers will be taking place on March 8th.

This move should cause little disruption but as the move also includes an upgrade from MySQL 4 to MySQL 4.1 users are being advised to check their SQL for any compatibility issues.

This did raise some concern as people cannot access the new servers until they are live, by which point it's too late to prepare in advance HOWEVER - we have spoken to the PlusNet engineer who has been working on the platform and he has said that the majority of users will have nothing to worry about. A very small number of customers (15) have been contacted as their databases may have fun (!) with the upgrade but customers simply using PHPBB etc should see no difficulties.

PUG have done some limited beta testing on the platform, and we experienced no issues, but we would advise people to check out the MySQL site or the source of their SQL packages just to make sure. 

Well, that's it for now - don't forget that you can talk to us on our forums or you can use the contact us form on this site to reach the UserGroup.

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