DSLMax Update - How to request an upgrade, and just what has been going on with the ordering process?

Article posted on Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 21:07 PM

Following our news article last week, we are pleased to be able to inform you of some changes and clarifications to the DSLMax regrade process.

The PlusNet UserGroup have been asking PlusNet for clear guidelines and information on who is getting the higher speeds, in what order, and timescales for this process.

A meeting took place at PlusNet on the 19th April where this issue was one of many discussed and new guidelines and processes are being announced today - and, assuming BTs bulk regrade tool is launched on the 24th April, will be going live next week.

So, what’s being announced?
  • PAYG users will be upgraded as a priority once all the legacy 4Mb/sec and 8Mb/sec customers have been successfully upgraded. (These should have all been done now - if you know differently then please let PlusNet know ASAP)
  • Once PAYG users have been upgraded Premier and Plus Users will be upgraded.
  • If you can’t wait for your upgrade or you wish to opt out of the DSLMax upgrades - visit http://trials.plus.net or http://trials.f9.co.uk or http://trials.free-online.co.uk where you can select to do either of these
We have compiled an FAQ where the UserGroup have asked PlusNet some of the questions we have, along with others we have seen elsewhere and some we just think may be asked. You can find the FAQ here but as always, if we haven’t asked a question that you want answering, or you wish to discuss this issue more, then please visit us on our forums.
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