PlusNet launch Basic broadband package

Article posted by Liam on Wednesday, 31-May-2006 15:29 PM

Plusnet this morning launched a new "Broadband PAYG Basic" product, breaking the £10 price barrier and offering an up-to 8Mb connection for £9.99 per month.

At under a tenner, the product lives up to its "Basic" name by offering no email or webspace facilities and only 50Mb of monthly inclusive data transfer allowance.  Extra bandwidth can be bolted on at 0.224p/MB (£2.24/GB) and, akin to Broadband Plus, the product features a dynamic IP.

An "Internet Extras Pack" can, however, be bundled on at an extra £1.99/month to include a webspace / POP3 email provision.  Likewise, a PlusTalk VoIP voice plan can also be added.

Whilst this new product is ideal for light users who require simple email / web browsing, the Usergroup have expressed concerns over a number of issues:

  • Support for the product is all focussed around the on-line facilities. Telephone support is only available through Plusnet's new 'Premium Rate' support number - even for connectivity issues.
  • The mention of VoIP, Gaming and IPTV in the press release sent out by Plusnet this morning is ambiguous.  Given the small included allowance with the Basic product, it certainly is not designed with bandwidth-hungry applications in mind.
  • The lack of an inclusive email account when even free PAYG dial-up accounts can have mailboxes. Although there are plenty of reliable free email services available we feel that there should be the provision of one POP3 mailbox.

We have raised these issues with PlusNet and will report any feedback we receive.
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