uSwitch Survey of Support Costs and User Satisfaction

uSwitch has recently published a survey of User satisfaction with support costs for calling a range of ISP's.  Plusnet does quite well in comparison with many of its peers

                                   Table 2

Provider Technical support rating Cost for average call Average time on hold
AOL 52% 92p 6 minutes
BT 55% Free 6 minutes
Orange 42% 90p 4 minutes
O2 75% Free 2 minutes
Plusnet 70% Free from Plusnet line
5 minutes
Sky 60% Free from Sky Talk line 89p from  BT line 6 minutes
TalkTalk 56% Free 12 minutes
Tiscali 47% 91p from Tiscali line £1.75 from BT line 5 minutes
Virgin Media 56% Free from Virgin line 67p from BT line 5 minutes
AVERAGE 55% 96p 6 minutes

Plusnet entry corrected by PUG to reflect recent change.

A precis of some of the notes in the survey:

Data sourced from a YouGov survey on behalf of in February 2009. Sample size was 12,054 adults. The survey was carried out online.

Data is unweighted. Specific reporting of results published for suppliers that received 200 or more responses.

  1. AOL, Orange, Plusnet and Tiscali customers have to pay to call broadband technical support lines. Based on company customers this adds up to at least 5.45 million customers. According to YouGov survey 38% of broadband customers have called their technical helpline over the last 12 months, an average of 2.89 times each. Applied to 5.45 million customers, this is 16 million calls. Average length of call to technical helplines is 17 minutes according to YouGov survey. Average cost of 96p per call calculated as per table 2. Customers are therefore paying £5,760,000 calling technical helplines each year.
  2. 38% of broadband customers have called their technical helpline over the last 12 months and average of 2.89 times each. Based on 15 million broadband customers (Ofcom August 2008) this is 16.5 million calls.

For more complete information visit the uSwitch web site

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