Discussions Commence on Website Future

Article posted by spraxyt on Monday, 09-Nov-2015 14:26 PM

When the Plusnet UserGroup was formed in 2004 Plusnet was a much smaller ISP with each of its brands or virtual ISPs (vISPs), Plusnet, Force9, Free online and Metronet operating independent websites, registrations and forums. The UserGroup forums provided means for these vISP members to interact and share experience.

Over the years Plusnet has grown extensively, closing its secondary vISPs and focusing on its Plusnet brand with Community providing news and common forums for all members. Inevitably this has reduced usage of the UserGroup's public site and forums though the tools on its sister UserTools site are actively used.

The UserGroup now announces that it has opened discussions with Plusnet on the future of its website and benefits from moving the tools to an alternative location.

For the present new member registration on the forums has been disabled, but current members remain able to post.