Residential Customer Support goes 0800

Article posted by spraxyt on Thursday, 04-Aug-2011 23:21 PM

Calls to Residential Customer Support are often lengthy, and at busy times involve waiting for an agent to become available. Whilst calls to the 0845 number have been free at all times to customers of Plusnet's Talk home phone service this was not necessarily the case for users with other phone service providers. In the latter case call costs could be significant. Great news!  From 2nd August 2011 Residential Customer Support moved to Freephone 0800.

Users needing to contact Residential Customer Support can now call 0800 432 0200 at no cost when calling from a UK land-line. Unfortunately those using mobiles (or other networks) will still be charged. However, these users are not forgotten. Plusnet have announced they are taking steps to acquire an 03 number; calls to this will be deducted from inclusive minutes on mobile phone plans - or be charged at UK land-line rates.

Business customers will continue to call 0114 296 5182 for Business Customer Support.