Business Products to get ADSL2+ with Annex M Option

Article posted by spraxyt on Monday, 18-Apr-2011 13:29 PM

Alongside the residential product changes due tomorrow (19 Apr 2011) Plusnet have announced (ADSL2+ and Annex M come to Plusnet Business) that ADSL2+ will, for the first time, be offered on Business products. No changes are planned to the core Business Option 1, 2 and 3 base products but new sign-ups will be provisioned on ADSL2+ where estimates show improved connection speeds should result. This is, of course, subject to their exchange being 21CN/ADSL2+ ready. Upload speeds will be uncapped as standard offering up to 1Mbps upload speeds.

On each option three additional services will be available, Enhanced Care, Prioritised Service and (new to Plusnet) Annex M.

The current Enhanced Care service will continue. This option costs £8.50 (ex VAT) per month and details can be found here.

Prioritised Service is currently known as Max Premium, the name change reflecting its extension to ADSL2+. This service is standard with Option 3 but costs £7.00 (ex VAT) per month with Options 1 and 2. Details can be found here. For all users this option provides a prioritised service across the BT Wholesale network. For 20CN "up to 8Mbps" maxDSL users upload speeds are increased from up to 448kbps to up to 832kbps; 21CN "up to 20Mbps" ADSL2+ users will be be provisioned with up to 1Mbps upload as standard.

The new Annex M service (available in ADSL2+ exchanges with Annex M enabled) will enable users to potentially achieve up to 2.5Mbps upstream by sacrificing some of their available downstream bandwidth. Clearly this is targeted at businesses where upstream speeds are a key business driver. This service will cost £10.00 (ex VAT) per month. A FAQ is expected to be published alongside the launch.

Though initially targeted at new sign-ups existing users are not forgotten. The rolling programme of bulk residential upgrades (Faster Plusnet Broadband, for free) is being extended to include Business users. Plusnet have assured users they will be directly consulted before their services are migrated.