PUG celebrates its 5th Birthday

The Plusnet UserGroup recently celebrated its 5th birthday.

We have come a long way and achieved a lot in that time, especially since we are all volunteers with other commitments! (We'll post another blog soon with a nostalgic look at the early days and some highlights from the past 5 years.) Nevertheless we are not resting on our laurels, work is in hand behind the scenes to plan for the future. Some results from this are currently taking place - reconciling our forums.

When we started, each individual vISP (Force9, FreeOnline and Plusnet) had separate forums and our forums provided a meeting place for users from across these vISPs. This was particularly useful for discussing matters of a technical nature to gain access to wider expertise and some of this expertise was encapsulated in documents on our UserTools site.

In recent times, and no doubt spurred by our example, Plusnet have worked incredibly hard to create their vISP-independent "Community" site with its hugely popular forums (now incorporating Metronet & Madasafish customers too). We are pleased to say, these work very well enabling members to help each other. The Comms Team can also take credit for their amazing work at picking up support issues raised in the Community forums for customers whose 'tickets' have fallen through the cracks. In the past such issues were often raised with PUG to see if we could champion their case, whereas now the success from Community makes escalation to us unnecessary. This is a real sign of health within Plusnet and we applaud it! The PUG role now is more towards identifying problem trends and such matters are usually raised behind the scenes.

These trends meant that our forums offered too many choices for the current level and type of public traffic (we have much higher hidden traffic to facilitate our day to day dealings with Plusnet). So the first refinement to a new improved PUG is to present a friendlier face to those with questions and our existing public boards are being merged or archived with that aim.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. Many discussions are taking place about how PUG will look and function in this coming year. Ideas are very welcome and you can get in touch by posting in our The PUG Place forum. We'd love to hear from you.

However bear with us during these changes, we think you will agree the new slimmer look is more welcoming! However if you disagree please let us know, we welcome constructive feedback.
Article last edited on Monday, 01-Aug-2011 21:02 PM