PUG welcomes three new members

Following last months request for potential new PUG members to step forward, it is with some pleasure that we announce two new members of PUG and one lost sheep returning after a sabbatical.

One is a familiar face with a long standing pedigree of posts both in PUG and in Community  -  xpcomputers  (Mike). 

The second is a much more recent Plusnet member - Mal08 (here) or mal0z (on Community*)  (Malcolm).  Though new to Plusnet, Malcolm has over 25 years experience with PC's and has been using the Internet since 1995, with a variety of ISP's.  Given his short period with Plusnet Malcolm has already made a significant number of helpful contributions to Community.

And finally, we are happy to see RogerLoxton (AKA Chemical Brother) return to PUG.  Roger should also be a 'familiar face' having been a long time Moderator on Community.

It is particularly pleasing to have both recent Plusnet user Malcolm and long standing F9 user Mike joining the team with the returning Roger as this will help PUG present a more balanced user response to Plusnet challenges.  We hope that you will welcome all three new PUGers to the team and help them find their feet in their new role.

* Malcolm also accesses Community as Mal08 but that connection belongs to a charity.

Article last edited on Thursday, 23-Jul-2009 01:00 AM