New Coordination Team Appointed

Using the more agile procedures in the new Rules of Association approved on Monday evening the Full Members have completed appointment of the first Coordination Team. This consists of the following 7 members:
  • biondani
  • bud
  • dhookham
  • Liam
  • MauriceB (Chairperson)
  • pjmarsh
  • spraxyt

What Happens next?

The primary objective of the Coordination Team is to provide effective organisation of UserGroup activities. With freshly charged batteries the first challenge for the newly appointed team is to focus on the way ahead.

Suggestions from all UserGroup members are welcome at any time. Please post these in The PUG Place forum. Note that Contact Us is currently disabled since spammers have targeted this in furtherance of their activities.
Article last edited on Thursday, 23-Jul-2009 01:03 AM