PUG adopts new Rules of Association

At an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 17/03/2008 (minutes) PUG unanimously adopted new Rules of Association (link) to replace its previous Constitution which was good in parts but inappropriately bureaucratic and unworkable in others. The structure of the UserGroup was also unclear, particularly to new members.

The new Rules (as a draft) were made available for comment here at the end of last month and the draft modified as a result of the feedback received - PUG are grateful for that feedback. An updated FAQ (here) accompanies the new Rules.

The next stage

The process to appoint the first Coordination Team under the new Rules is underway. The new Rules allow a more pragmatic and flexible means of accomplishing things and the appointment process is expected to be completed by next weekend.

For information - an up-to-date list of PUG members can be found here. This link, as well as those to the Rules and FAQ can be found under 'About Us' on the left hand Navigation menu.
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