February PUGIT Top 5 Items Close to Closure

In his recent online Roadmap blog Pete Jackson introduced a number of changes to the way the teams are structured and their key responsibilities.  The items of relevance to this post are the creation of a specific role in addressing items on the NADS1 and PUGIT2 problems lists.  Behind the scenes PUG has been pushing for there to be some focus on clearing the growing list of issues in the PUGIT database, so this was a very welcome piece of news.

To get the process moving PUG created a February Top 5 list of items which were considered to be of value to both the business and users, with an additional emphasis on being achievable.  This list was:

  • PUGIT Issue 116 Default rDNS format - ip.plus.com NOT username.plus.com
  • PUGIT Issue 27 PDF Invoice Sent by Email
  • PUGIT Issue 60 14 day inactivity message has been removed from My Questions
  • PUGIT Issue 40, PUGIT Issue 193, PUGIT Issue 278. All to do with ticket handling

The eagle eyed reader will spot that there are 6 items - the author could write but was less good at counting wink

So what progress?

Really great news - all of the Ticket / Question issues have been tested and are looking to roll to the live platform later this week.

PUGIT 27 is being worked on but will need some further integration.

Item 116 is being reviewed for inclusion in longer term development plans.  We will continue to monitor progress.

LATE EDIT:  The planned roll-out occurred on Thursday 6/03/2008 - so get testing that things are as you would expect!

And what next?

Because of the timescales PUG will again feed a Top 5 list to PlusNet for action during March. Then it is planned to generate a new Topic / Poll on the Community site so that all Community users will have the opportunity to select the Items to be included in the April Top 5.  More details on this when we finalise the options on achieving a good result.

1 NADS Nickel and Dime Solutions - Simple to do but need time allocating

2 PUGIT A database of identified issues / problems - jointly maintained by PUG and PlusNet
Article last edited on Thursday, 23-Jul-2009 01:04 AM