BT 'accidentally' upgrade more exchanges for SDSL

Article posted by dhookham on Monday, 19-Nov-2007 02:36 AM

Good news for end-users connected to the Edale exchange (all 155 of them!), BT have 'accidentally' upgraded one of the smallest exchanges in the country (along with a few others too) to support SDSL (Synchronous) Broadband.

BT halted the roll-out of SDSL back in mid-2005, shortly before MaxDSL was announced.  At the time it cited "a lack of take-up", even pointing out that "a very high percentage" of the 729 exchanges they had enabled for SDSL actually had no SDSL customers at all. (see Zdnet story)

It's thought that the mistake was due to a miscommunication between BT's operations and product teams.  Nonetheless, they have decided to keep the kit in place and have updated their availability checker to show the upgraded exchanges.

Following the unexpected upgrades, 809 exchanges now support SDSL, a full list of which can be found here

It is thought that the downfall of SDSL was mainly due to the very high costs, with monthly subscriptions starting at £125.00 + VAT per month for just a 250k (up and down) connection and activation being a further £350.00 + VAT.  A traditional ADSL Max connection can quite significantly better that in terms of speed and price these days, so for most businesses the economics simply don't work out.

So, if you know anyone who was thinking about SDSL but couldn't get it - it might be worth taking a second glance to see if they now can!
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