PlusNet expands network with new datacentre and more central capacity

Article posted by Liam on Monday, 01-Oct-2007 17:12 PM

PlusNet have today announced that they have brought online an additional 155Mbps of central broadband network capacity for customer usage, bringing the total network capacity to 22 central segments (5 x 622Mbps and 2 additional 155Mbps segments on seperate pipes), 270Mbps of Tiscali LLU capacity and the capacity provided by the RIN (Retail Internet Network) trial.

Significantly, on this occasion - PlusNet have introduced their seventh central pipe (PlusNet 8) into a new location, increasing resiliency and allowing room for further upscaling of their network.

The new pipe, known as "pcl-ag01" terminates into City Lifeline, close to Liverpool Street station in London.

Phil Webb, PlusNet's Director of Network Services told us :
"We decided to build new capacity here rather than in Docklands so that we had some geographic resilience in case of issuse in Telehouse. The new site is connected back into Telehouse on 10Gb links and has it's own 10Gb transit link too."

A central pipe can exist with anything between 1 - 4 (155Mpbs) segments active.  Introducing new pipes where possible instead of lighting additional segments on existing pipes means that capacity management can become a lot more graceful.  The lead-time by BT for installation of a new Central Pipe is 95 working days, whereas a new segment can be brought online within a week.  All in all it means that, if required, PlusNet have the ability to very speedily bring online additional capacity  if they require it.  The implication of going for new pipes is that all 4 segments must be lit within 12 months.

PUG are glad that PlusNet are finally back to providing new bandwidth ahead of time rather than "too late" and that capacity planning issues and the tightening up of available bandwidth are clearly now a "thing of the past"!
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