Plusnet complete RIN trial

Article posted by mauriceb on Wednesday, 12-Sep-2007 19:21 PM

Plusnet announce completion of the RIN trial

PUG understands that PlusNet will soon formally announce completion of the BT Retail Internet Network (RIN) trial which started in February 2007.  A number of PUG members were deeply involved in the trialling and reporting for this project.

"Since the RIN Trial launched we've let it run it's course and we've learnt a lot about the platform and the differences in the way it gets used by customers. We’ve been monitoring the RIN trial closely over the last couple of months in terms of customer problem reports (via tickets) and feedback in the forums. Generally we’ve found that for most of the time our customers have been happy with RIN performance. However there has been a number of occurrences where PAYG RIN customers have experienced speed issues, particularly during peak times and especially on peer to peer and Usenet protocol.

For us, the original objectives of the trial were to:

- See how the alternate platform performs against our own: In general there has seemed to be little difference between the two.

- Provide temporary alleviation for session capacity issues on our own platform: this is no longer an issue for us since we reconfigured our own platform capacity arrangements.

- Analyse the costs of using this platform compared to our own: Our finding is that costs overall remained broadly the same for PAYG users.

In terms of the trial objectives, we have now successfully met the criteria, and as a result we’re planning on bringing the trial to a close. There will be no further Users added to the RIN trial but  we will continue to support the existing customers on RIN for the time being. There are no immediate plans to migrate the customers back to our own platform but should the situation change we’ll get back to you."

More detail on the problems encountered during the trial can be found in PUGIT 344 and in this PUG Forum thread.
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