EXCLUSIVE: The Spam / Not Spam Buttons are here!

Article posted by Liam on Thursday, 30-Aug-2007 17:29 PM

Following the unfortunate Webmail Incident back in May this year, PlusNet announced a number of deliverables which would help customers better manage Spam coming into their mailboxes.

One development very widely called for by customers and the PlusNet UserGroup, even before the incident, was the introduction of "Spam" / "Not Spam" buttons to Webmail - allowing customers to very easily train the Spam detection systems.  This was first raised via the UserGroup Issue Tracker as Issue 201 back in December 2006.  Following the Webmail attack, PlusNet made a promise to deliver this much-requested functionality to customers.

Well, the PlusNet UserGroup are delighted to confirm that after a series of delays with testing, PlusNet have finally rolled live this functionality to their Webmail platform.  Customers using Webmail should now see "Spam" and "Not Spam" buttons (and links) making it much easier to help PlusNet train their Spam detection systems and improve the Spam Protection service for all customers.

It might have been a long-wait but we're pleased that another promised deliverable can be ticked off the list!
Article last edited on Monday, 21-Jan-2008 20:57 PM