EXCLUSIVE : No more cancellation charge on PlusNet Home Phone

Article posted by Liam on Wednesday, 29-Aug-2007 13:15 PM

Last week on this site, we reported that PlusNet were to scrap the 1000 minute fair usage cap on its Anytime+ telephone product.

We're pleased to confirm that the changes required to implement this removal have rolled out successfully this morning along with a long-awaited and much requested surprise - as called for by the PlusNet UserGroup!  We're pleased to exclusively reveal that the £20 cancellation charge for PlusNet Home Phone has also now been scrapped as of today.

With these improvements now in place, it might just be worth examining whether PlusNet could be offering you a better deal on your home phone service as well as your Broadband.  For many customers, the cancellation fee and 1000 minute fair usage cap on Anytime landline calls have presented a barrier to taking on PlusNet's home phone offering.

We're pleased that PlusNet have listened to and acted on customer feedback and made changes in favour of consumers.  If only the rest of the industry would follow suit by not unfairly tying customers into lengthily contracts with heavy cancellation penalties.

PlusNet will be emailing customers with news of these improvements shortly.

Remember, we're also calling for the bundling of Voicemail / Caller Display with Home Phone.  If this is a feature you would like to see - don't forget to register your vote via PUGIT.
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