Article posted on Monday, 27-Aug-2007 22:50 PM

In an effort to further improve the efficiency of the customer support centre at PlusNet, and reduce duplication of development work, PlusNet will be merging the Force9 and Free-Online customers into the one PlusNet portal. From the 4th of September, Force9 and Free-Online users will be able to log-in to the Plus.Net portal using their current usernames. Following this, on the 13th of September, the Force9 and Free-Online portals will no longer be functional and will then simply direct users to the PlusNet portal via a landing page.

Metronet users at present remain unaffected by this change due to the larger difference between the back-end systems for these customers compared to the other vISPs. PlusNet have been keen to emphasise that this will not affect customer's current e-mail addresses or any current settings on their accounts. An FAQ is available on the changes on the PlusNet Community Site here.
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