PlusNet to scrap the cap on Home Phone Anytime+

Article posted by Liam on Monday, 27-Aug-2007 23:30 PM

PlusNet have quietly announced, via their End of Day posts, that the 1000 minute 'fair use' cap currently applied to their Anytime+ product is to be scrapped.

The product includes free calls at Anytime to geographic (01 and 02 numbers) up to 60mins per call.  After 60 minutes you pay a nominal geographic rate, or simply redial to continue talking for free.

The product also allows 300 minutes of the 1000 to be to any of the Top 20 international destinations that PlusNet have specified.  No confirmation as to what happens to this 300 minutes has yet come forward, however, the PlusNet UserGroup suspects this aspect will remain.

The date for the rollout of this improvement has not yet been announced.  Keep an eye right here for more news when we have it.

All in all, we welcome the removal of this policy and it certainly means a better product for customers - so well done PlusNet!

The PlusNet UserGroup are now calling for the removal of the £20 'barrier' cancellation charge, and the bundling of Voicemail and Caller Display for free!  If you would like to see that happen, register your vote via the Issue Tracker now!
Article last edited on Monday, 21-Jan-2008 20:55 PM