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Article posted by dhookham on Monday, 20-Aug-2007 13:40 PM


Well Done PlusNet.

A report on ISP customer service ratings has been published this morning on thinkbroadband.

The report shows that PlusNet's customer service rating has risen to 60%, which is a 10% increase over a year ago and a 9% increase from just 6 months ago.

Whilst there are other ISPs whose ratings are far higher, these are based on fewer votes and the overall accuracy of the votes are classed as "Low - caution advised".
PlusNet's votes are classed as "Very Large - reliable" and appears to be the only ISP over 60% with 1000 or more votes.

Neil Armstrong, Products Director at Plusnet said: "I think all of us are pleased to see the ratings improving as customers recognised the hard work we're all putting in.

"Seeing the small, specialist business ISPs ahead of us such as Entanet, Namesco, Newnet is natural. Likewise premium priced providers such as Zen are always likely to have a higher rating. I think until we see clear blue water with us ahead of Eclipse, Nildram, Be, F2S, UK Online and Pipex we still have some way to go.

"We're always recruiting CSC analysts and looking to improve the website as well as the underlying network and systems infrastructure. So I am sure we'll see further improvement in the coming months."

Obviously there's still some work to be done to get to the realms of Zen and Be* whose sample size is "Large - Quite reliable".
Keep up the good work guys - aim for the 70% mark next 1/2 year which would be fantastic. :)

Nice to see PlusNet well and truly on the road to recovery  

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