Possible outage of UserGroup and UserTools sites

Article posted by mauriceb on Tuesday, 26-Jun-2007 17:15 PM

Potential outage of usertools and usergroup websites

Due to the severe flooding that is currently being experienced in the Sheffield area it is possible that the usertools and usergroup websites may be out of service for a period of time, as there may be powercuts in the area. 

PlusNet announced earlier that other Sheffield based services would also be effected in the event of a power outage.

Some PlusNet staff have been posting photos and stories of their experiences of the floods on the community site forums at

Carol Axe has written a separate blog on the CSC being affected by staff having difficulty in getting to work.

Update 4/7/2007


South Yorkshire has now been taken off flood alert and the Met office have since lifted all weather warnings in the area. The majority of transport has resumed normal service and staffing levels at our Sheffield based offices have returned to normal levels.

We would like to thank customers for their patience throughout these unfortunate events and offer our sympathies to those affected by the severe weather.
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