PlusNet Kicks Off CGI Move

Article posted on Tuesday, 19-Jun-2007 08:05 AM

PlusNet have now started the main migration of all data from the old CGI storage platform to the new, faster and better (we hope!) storage.

As per the Service Status posting here, customers will see an HTTP '403' error if they try to access their website whilst the transfer is taking place. However, this should last no longer than 5 minutes unless the site has a particularly large number of files. The transfer of data should be seamless and users do not need to alter their configuration in any way.

Whilst the UserGroup is pleased that something is finally being done about the CCGI performance issues, it is a shame that something wasn't done a lot sooner, when users first started reporting speed problems. PlusNet have a habit of often overlooking early warnings, and we would like to see PlusNet being a lot more proactive, rather than reactive, especially on services such as CCGI, which, whilst they don't form part of the 'core' product, they may attract customers to PlusNet who might have gone elsewhere.

Early results do seem encouraging - a number of staff and UserGroup accounts have been moved across within the past couple of days for testing purposes and these are reporting faster access times. However the real test will be how it performs when all of the accounts have been moved and load on the new platform reaches normal operating levels. We understand that around 25% of accounts had been successfully moved by yesterday evening. Let's hope it continues to deliver.
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