Broadband Your Way... From Today

Article posted by dhookham on Wednesday, 11-Apr-2007 17:46 PM

PlusNet today announced the launch of its new residential broadband product set, in an attempt to stay competitive in the fast-moving UK broadband market. PlusNet have made it clear to the Usergroup and to customers in various forums such as ThinkBroadband, the portal forums and the usergroup forums that it has created these new products with a mind to being as open, honest and up-front about them as possible. This is a move which is very much welcomed by the usergroup as a whole.

The new Broadband Your Way product can be customised by the end-user, but there are four base product options which the user can choose from to begin with:-
  • Broadband Your Way Option 1 - £9.99 – 1GB included usage
  • Option 2 - £14.99 – 8GB included usage
  • Option 3 - £19.99 – 20GB included usage
  • Option 4 - £29.99 – 40GB included usage

Customers can then opt to bolt-on extra usage to their product by pre-paying for it each month at a cost of 75p per GB or by post-paying at a rate of £1 per GB after their usage allowance has been reached. Instead, if customers prefer they can choose to not pre-pay or post-pay and have their connection throttled to 128kbps when their usage allowance is reached which is ideal if customers want a predictable, fixed-cost product. Night-time usage between the hours of 12:00am and 8am is not counted towards the usage allowance.

A welcome feature of these products is that all residential broadband products PlusNet now offer have many of the same features as the old Broadband Premier product. This means that even customers with a £9.99 Broadband Your Way Option 1 product will enjoy some of the added-value services such as CGI/PHP/MySQL webspace and FrontPage extensions which were previously only available to customers on higher-paying accounts.

The Free Setup offer has also changed with customer signing up to Option 1 and Option 2 being offered a 1-port router free if they stay for one year, and Option 3 and Option 4 customers being offered a wireless router on the same terms. If you would like to find out more on these new products, please see the announcement from PlusNet here.
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