Exclusive - PlusNet to Launch Geographic Support Number

Article posted by dhookham on Thursday, 05-Apr-2007 15:17 PM

The PlusNet Usergroup is pleased to announce that after many such requests over the past 3 years, and following the face-to-face discussions with customers at the open day held on the 30th March 2007, PlusNet plan to launch a geographic telephone support number.

The usergroup has long requested this facility as 0845 calls are usually not included in voice talk plans and often charged at a premium rate on mobile phone tariffs.

We are especially pleased that the Open Day discussions with customers and usergroup members have made such an immediate impact and look forward to seeing more such examples of PlusNet using such opportunities to capture and respond to customer demand.

At the moment, the precise launch date is not yet known, but it is hoped to go live during May.

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