PlusNet UserGroup Election Results

Article posted on Sunday, 18-Mar-2007 21:11 PM

Following nearly two weeks of voting, the final results in the PlusNet UserGroup membership elections are

1st place - PJMarsh
2nd place - James
3rd place - Roger Loxton
4th place - Wa1bbs (JTN)
5th place - NorthBritish
6th place - PaddyClark
7th place - DMCGiff
8th place - MysteryFCM

Accordingly the top six (PJMarsh, James, Roger Loxton, JTN, NorthBritish and PaddyClark) have been elected to become members of the PlusNet UserGroup. 5th and 6th place were very close, hence the change from five successful candidates to the six announced today.

Some extra stats on the election process show just under 50 valid votes being cast and 8 invalid ones (no candidates selected or from no PN/Visp IP addresses). Even with the invalid votes, the successful candidates would all still be in the top six.

We would like to thank all candidates for taking part. Those who were unsuccessful this time are welcome to take part again in future elections.
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