Direct Debit available for Metronet customers, finally!

Article posted on Wednesday, 14-Mar-2007 13:29 PM

Good News for MetroNet users

After a very long gestation period and having missed several previous launch dates, PlusNet have announced that from 13/03/2007 an upgrade to the MetroNet billing system  will allow users to set up and pay for their Broadband services using Direct Debit.

In a move that will be welcomed by many customers, direct debit will be introduced at the parent account level as a payment method for the following subscription based products :
  • ADSL
  • Mailboxes
The portal sign-up screens and back office systems have been modified to accept DD payments.

Since the switch from the old MetroNet system after the PlusNet take over it has been the single biggest issue that Customer Services has had to deal with as far as MetroNet customers are concerned.   

Customers who do not have a credit card registered will now be issued with a pro-forma invoice via email on the normal billing day and a grace period of up to 10 days will be allowed for payments to clear before DSL connections are restricted. However, the thorny issue remains that when customers who have a payment fail due to some credit card issue they will still have their account restricted immediately without a grace period to allow for an alternative card to be registered or make a payment by another method.

PlusNet plan a communications campaign to introduce this new facility and to encourage existing users to move to DD.
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