PlusNet Activate a new Central Segment

Article posted on Tuesday, 06-Mar-2007 16:38 PM

Yet more welcome news from PlusNet today. It has been announced that another segment of the recently introduced BT Central has been activated – making 19 active segments in total.

This new segment is being used to enhance the experience Broadband Premier customers receive and comes a week after the first two segments of the new pipe where activated and allocated to improve what had been a dire Broadband Plus experience. Since this time the speed reports from BB+ customers have been generally positive. The new capacity also added much needed extra sessions which have eliminated most of the connection problems users experienced at peak times.

Since high priority protocols (e.g. email, web, VoIP, gaming) are already performing well, the UserGroup hope this extra capacity will improve the performance of lower priority protocols (Usenet and P2P). These lower priority protocols are known for being able to consume as much bandwidth as is available, but some peak time speeds recently have been poor, so any improvement here is welcome.

PlusNet also announced earlier in the week that they would be trialling the BT Retail Internet Network (RIN) with PlusNet PAYG (not the VISPs though) customers in the near future. If enough customer choose to login using RIN this will also provide more bandwidth for use by those customers still using the standard network. This extra bandwidth is not certain though as RIN is opt-in and the customer will be able to swap and change between RIN and the normal network.
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