PUG Elections for New Members

Article posted on Monday, 05-Mar-2007 22:18 PM

The PlusNet UserGroup are today launching open customer elections to recruit 5 new members into the group. All candidates have either volunteered to help PUG at some point in the past year or have been nominated by more than one existing member. They have all agreed to stand for election by the PN & VISP user base.

The elections start tonight and will end on 17th March 2007. To vote just visit the survey url (Link to survey) and select the 5 candidates you think are best. Voting is open to all current customers of PN & VISPs, with one vote per customer. Duplicate votes and those from non-PN & VISP IP addresses will be discarded.




The following are the brief Bio’s provided by each candidate, to give an idea of who they are and their capabilities. The UserGroup are not looking for overly technical members, but for ones who can help on forums, write articles etc.



I'm Phil Marshall and I am a Software Engineer working for the University of Liverpool mainly focusing on PHP, ASP, C and Oracle.  I also have a number of personal projects that I work on which are in PHP and MySQL.  I have a lot of experience with phpbb, and how their forums work, and am willing to spend time learning SMF and Etomite (have a little experience of) if required.  I would say I am very much the type of person who will go away and play with a piece of software to see how it works and what it can do, then start developing/integrating it.

I have been a broadband subscriber with PlusNet since October 2003 and have made over 500 posts on the Portal forums, most of which I hope are to help other people.

MysteryFCM (Steven Burn)

As I'm far from being a "yes man", I can definitely guarantee to make my thoughts known, whether they are good or bad .

I currently administer a home network comprising (amongst other things) a Windows Server 2003 system (HTTP/FTP server, SMTP server runs on a separate machine), currently behind a Netgear router (old one unfortunately, lol), switch and a BT Home Hub (they are supposed to be locked to BT but it only takes a few seconds to unlock them, hehe), and have spent quite a bit of time thanks to both my interests, and my previous two jobs, diagnosing issues related to networking, malware and the interweb in general (ah the fun!).

Chemical Brother(Roger Loxton)

I am technically minded, but not to the extent that I would write in complete techie talk thus confusing others. I'm customer focused too, where I will do my best to try and help another customer as much as I can and will nudge the right people if I can.

I recently put myself forward to become moderator of the PN forums. To put it succinctly, I try to help customers as much as I can, and if I see something is wrong, I will do my best to try and get it put right.

Wa1bbs (aka jtn)

As a long standing Metronet customer, moderator on the Metronet portal forum, a founder member of the Metronet User Group and contributor on the TBB forums (jtn) I feel I have an excellent understanding of the wants and needs of Metronet customers and would welcome the chance to communicate and discuss these to assist Plusnet in satisfying these needs. Having used Linux solely at home for seven years I have a fair understanding of the OS and also admin a local community centre network.


The usergroup in my opinion needs a mix of abilities and connections in order to properly represent the userbase as a whole.  I consider myself to be in the middle of the range in terms of skills.  Neither completely clueless nor an IT god.  Also I'm on BB+ so usually the first to feel network problems.

I have used Etomite, and to a lesser extent SMF, which currently run the PUG portal and forums.  I have also used phpBB which runs the current main user forums, and Joomla on some of my own sites.  So I can assist in maintaining portals or modding the forums if required.

I'm happy to Beta test new products/services/connection types and believe I could identify issues the average customer would have difficulties with.

I couldn't promise Plusnet an easy time though.  I have been rather critical of Plusnet when it has deserved it, and if chosen as a users representative, this would be unlikely to change.

DMCGiff (Daniel McGiff)

As a regular poster and moderator on the PlusNet portal forums I feel I already have a good knowledge of many common user issues, as well as the product set and the way PlusNet work as an organisation.

If I were chosen as a member of PUG I feel that I would be able to put this knowledge to good use representing the customer and trying to focus attention onto issues which are effecting the userbase as a whole. I will stand by my personal opinion at all times, even if it differs from the opinion of PUG as a whole.

On the more technical side of things, I am already experienced in using etomite from my contribution to the PlusNetters portal, which like the PUG site is currently powered by etomite, I also have experience with phpBB, and to a lesser extent SMF. I am able to learn new packages skills fairly quickly and have a good basic grasp of HTML / CSS.

Additionally during the 2MB bulk upgrade scheme I taught myself a little php by coding a system into which users could input details about whether they had been upgraded or not and compare against other users on the same exchange, the little php knowledge I gained from this is something I would like to build upon and learn more of in the future.


I am an active member of TBB forums and not scared to ask difficult questions of Plusnet. I also support customer rights when things do not go right.

Technically I am like a normal customer, helping me see things from a customer’s perspective and not that of a techie.

James (SallyandJames)

Many of you will have seen me around of various fora, perhaps notably the PN Portal Fora.

In addition to being a regular contributor, I also act as Moderating Administrator on behalf of the Plusnet Community.

I work as an IT Manager, and am interested in many aspects of IT - I'm currently undertaking to complete MCSE2003 in my own time.

My experience as a customer of Plusnet began a couple of years ago, during which period I have collected a veritable array of Plusnets current products, right from PAYG Basic through to Business Premier.

My main interest in the Usergroup is in improving the perception of the group within the rest of the customer base.

If elected to take a place in the administrative part of the UG, I would be aiming to improve communication between the haves and have not's - we are all equal as customers, and should all have the opportunity to share our views and experiences effectively, for the good of those around us.

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