Broadband Plus Refunds and a New Central Pipe

Article posted on Friday, 23-Feb-2007 21:14 PM

Some Broadband Plus customers have been suffering poor speeds lately. To help combat that (and to also alleviate problems with lack of sessions) PlusNet have today revealed that 2 segments on the new BT Central Pipe have been activated. They have also announced a refund programme for customers affected by the poor Broadband Plus speeds this month. To qualify for a refund customers need to complete a ticket here.

Customers will qualify for a refund if they have a Broadband Plus connection and have used less than 4Gb peak time in the last three billing months (7Gb on plus option 2 and 11Gb on option 3). They will also need to provide evidence of poor speeds dated between 1st and 22nd February 2007 (either a fault ticket being raised or speed test showing speeds less than 25% of line profile). Those customers who upgrade to either PAYG or Premier from Broadband Plus during February and can prove they suffered from poor speeds will also qualify. All refunds need to be claimed by 16th March 2007.
PlusNet are also going to email those customers who they believe qualify for a refund to advise them how to claim.

PUG welcomes this action by PlusNet. Refunding those customers who have suffered is the right thing to do, and the new BT Central capacity is also positive news. With other improvements in the pipeline we hope things will only get better.
Article last edited on Monday, 21-Jan-2008 20:49 PM