PlusNet Improve Tiscali MAC Generation Procedure

Article posted on Thursday, 22-Feb-2007 17:31 PM

Following the recent introduction by OFCOM of General Condition 22, PlusNet have today revealed to PUG that they have introduced improvements to the MAC generation procedures for customers connected using Tiscali LLU. Tiscali themselves have also improved their procedures, now claiming to release MACs within 5 days of request. This is the maximum time delay OFCOM have specified for providing a MAC to end users, so hopefully Tiscali will be able to provide a MAC in a shorter time frame than this.
In the past PlusNet had to manually request the MAC from Tiscali. This was a time consuming process which had multiple chances for errors and delays. Now they have introduced improvements to their backend systems so agents now only need to click a button to request the MAC automatically from Tiscali. This process is still unfortunately slower than the MAC generation procedures for IPStream connections, but is a welcome improvement which the Usergroup hope will reduce the complaints of time delays in getting MACs on Tiscali provided connections.
We will continue to monitor for problems with getting a MAC on both IPStream and Tiscali connections. As long as the new systems from PlusNet and Tiscali are working correctly, then customers should see their MAC within the statutory 5 days now.
Article last edited on Monday, 21-Jan-2008 20:48 PM