Plusnet Launch Dedicated Business Support

Article posted on Wednesday, 21-Feb-2007 22:51 PM

Great news! PlusNet have just confirmed that they have launched a special team in the CSC specifically dedicated the support needs of business customers. Business customers have long been frustrated by the delays experienced in getting support as despite mostly paying higher subscription charges, they were placed in the same ticket & call queues as the residential customers. This seemed unfair and often caused much frustration for these customers. Support queries raised by business customers are often of a greater urgency, and business customers tend to prefer a more personalised service than residential customers.

Now, however, all open tickets in the system between Monday and Saturday 8am-8pm, are routed through to the Business support team in the CSC. Additionally, all calls made to the usual support numbers will be routed through to the Business support team during these times. Outside of these times, all support queries will be dealt with by the general CSC team.

E-Mails are being sent to business customers over the next couple of weeks to inform them of this new support team and PlusNet have promised to monitor the response times and the quality of service received by business customers under the new arrangement for the next couple of weeks. This marks a great step forward for business support, and hopefully business customers should notice a significant difference in support response times.
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