PUG stance on Broadband Plus speed issues

Article posted on Sunday, 11-Feb-2007 14:44 PM

Since the end of January, peak time speeds for some Broadband Plus users have been below normal.  Some forum posts have suggested speeds as low as 56Kbps (not much faster than dialup speeds), although others have shown speeds at the same time which are 4-5Mbps.

Plusnet have stated that Broadband Plus  users were previously using a higher proportion of the available bandwidth than the amount their account paid for, which meant that Premier and to a lesser extent PAYG customers received less than their accounts paid for. What Plusnet did at the end of January is allocate the paid for bandwidth to each account type. (eg BB+ pay for 20% of bandwith but used 29%. Since the end of January they now use between 18% and 22%.)

Within this allocated bandwidth, low usage customers receive a better speed than those who have downloaded higher amounts, although 'classic contention' is being allowed to work within the product too as high priority protocols appear to be taking virtually all the available bandwidth. This would explain why not every BB+ customer is seeing the same low speeds, but does suggest all BB+ users are getting a slower speed than is usually possible.

Whilst PUG believe that sharing the bandwidth out fairly is the right thing to do, the sudden change in speeds (and the low speeds seen) is unacceptable. We have been questioning why the sudden slow down and what this means.

Plusnet (specifically James in the portal forums) have advised that they will explain more in the next week. The Usergroup will continue to press for a satisfactory outcome for all where possible.

A possible solution for customers is to move to a different account. For those who use less than 2Gb per month, PAYG offers all traffic in the higher priority gold queue for the same £14.99 per month, although any use over 2Gb is charged at £1.50 per extra 2Gb (pre-paid). For user who use over 10Gb per month (BB+ really isn't the right account for these users anyway) Broadband Premier offers upto 20Gb bandwidth during peak times for £21.99.
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