PlusNet makes good start to 2007

Article posted on Saturday, 27-Jan-2007 15:01 PM

PlusNet has been making significant progress of late with regards to its performance in various areas of its business. Recently, PlusNet published its December 2006 CSC Update which showed clear decreases in the ticket response times, and the waiting times for callers phoning PlusNet on their 0845 help number.

On the 23rd of January, PlusNet managed to achieve a period in which they had no open problems or tickets raised with regard to network issues. PlusNet have had their fair share of issues of late, but this has to be commended and should be seen as a step forward in the reliability of the PlusNet network as a whole. Of course, PUG will continue to work with PlusNet in order to help ensure that things stay this way.
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