BT takeover of PlusNet confirmed

Article posted on Wednesday, 24-Jan-2007 09:44 AM

Today BT announced their long awaited takeover of Plusnet. PUG believe that this can only be of benefit to users given the forthcoming developments in Broadband which will mean that smaller ISPs will have problems surviving in the changing climate.

Hopefully Plusnet will be in a position to offer users BT's latest developments. As far as we understand BT intend to allow Plusnet to continue as it is with its open policy on information to users through such avenues as PUG. So PUG wish Plusnet all the best in its future now it is part of the BT camp.

PlusNet have released their "Plans for 2007" document which gives a good overview of the roadmap for the coming year.

Further information will be posted here in the coming days along with video interviews. To discuss the takeover please visit our forums.
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